Chelsy is happy to sell for you - this is how we work.

Do you have the perfect item laying in your wardrobe or things that you no longer use or wear? It’s time to give them up! You can get good money for them and it’s very simple and worthwhile.

How does it work?

Every day of the week, we receive second-hand clothes and accessories (Sun-Thu 11am-6pm).

Most importantly! They must be in good condition and clean after being washed.

Of all the clothes that come into the store, we sort the items and check out what is suitable according to each season, the inventory and collections currently on display.

Items that are not selected will be immediately passed on as a donation to one of the charities that we work with.

So even if the item of clothing is not sold – you’ve done an especially good deed.

Every item that is selected will be priced according to its condition and then fed into our system so that you can track it with our app and monitor its status at any given moment.

What do you gain from this?

After your item has been sold, you can choose one of two options:

Receiving credit to buy from Chelsy for 50% of the price of the item that was sold or cash worth 30% less VAT.

What else is important to know?

Chelsy’s management has the right to change the prices of items in the event that an item has not been sold after a long period or according to seasonal sales in the store.

It is the responsibility of the supplier to track on chelsy’s app to track whether the clothing they have brought in has been sold/displayed in the store. Clothes that are not sold are automatically sent out as a donation without informing the supplier.

See you at Chelsy!