Meet Michal

I have been buying and wearing second hand clothes for many years and people are always stopping me and asking where I got my outfits from, and I’m surprised every time at the reactions that I get, “I’d never in my life by second hand, it’s dirty.” Or, “I couldn’t even go into places like that let alone wear something.”

Exactly for this reason, I have a burning desire to bring in something new, and realize all the knowhow that I’ve gained over the years, and consequently bring about a change in the sector.

My story begins in the 1970s. As a girl, I remember that at home things were always being chosen for me. They chose my clothes including the style and I think you could say that they chose my life for me ……. After I grew up, I understood the significance of choosing and that resulted in my choice to study in several different but similar directions with a lot of love and passion: fashion design and pattern making, home styling, flower designs and photography.

I decided to open a second-hand store in which I could combine all of my life’s loves. A store which contains within my passion for amazing clothes from around the world, designed with a love for aesthetics and with styling and advice that comes from the belief that you don’t need to look like everybody else, you can also go against the flow.

I chose to be brave and go with my heart – and to open Chelsy.