Chelsy – The First Store for Second Hand

When I say “First Second Hand Store” I invite you to come on a journey with me to experiment, discover, buy and be joyful.

To buy wisely means: good quality; to buy at a fair price; to save money; and most importantly – to have a wide variety of choice. Come and discover that there are many ways to enhance your appearance, while remaining true to yourself. Knowing that we hold the opportunities in our own hands and do not have to make ourselves broke. 

Hi, Pleased to Meet You

We are Chelsy – a family business of ever-changing and new treasures.

Come with us on a very different journey, which is completely personal, and a very special shopping experience and discover that we are not just any second-hand store.

At our store, customers quickly understand that by making the right choices through quality decisions and considerations, they can renew and transform their wardrobe without becoming broke – and that in a nutshell is exactly what Chelsy is about.

We are meticulously careful over each and every detail and the moment you come into the store, you can already feel the unique atmosphere as well as the amazing and very carefully chosen fashion items from Israel and abroad. Every item has been selected with enormous painstaking attention to detail by us – Michal, Yarden, Sharon and Roni.

Every piece of clothing and item that you will find will be one-of-a-kind and every time that you come back to us, you can be certain that you will find more and more rare “pieces” that will enhance your wardrobe.

We are waiting to serve you in the store!

Style is a way to say who you are, with out having to speak
People will stare, Make it worth their while












Every day is a fashion show and The world is the runway
Dressing is a way of life