About Chelsy

In the most fashionable and “hottest” area of Tel Aviv between Rothschild Boulevard and Gan Hahashmal, you’ll find our flagship store.

As soon as you come through the door, you’ll already feel that Chelsy is not just another of the second-hand clothes stores that you are used to.

The excitement of searching for that valuable item and wandering around looking for designer clothes from Israel and around the world results in a unique shopping experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Israel!

We set up Chelsy out of our love and passion for beautiful clothes, a lot of style and an emphasis on aesthetics and the desire to express yourself and your individualism, and to step away from the fashions dictated by society.

We believe that a valuable item does not have to be expensive and invite you to come and see that it is possible to find smart, intelligent and quality shopping at fair prices.